First half round up – Second half posted

Due to an enforced “Covid level” break in the middle of the first half of the season, the league decided to go with the traditional split and double round robin, much like the Scottish Premier football league but much more important, to finish up the year. The top half consists of the as yet, with one game to go before the official split, undefeated Pimpin, Saltires, Honey badgers (who recovered well from their early season struggles), and AJ’s (comp).   The bottom half after the split will feature the Highland Chargers, Fockers,  AJ’s (rec) and The Rocks, both of whom have also been improving as their new players are starting to hit their stride.  Each team will play everyone else in their half twice before all is said and done and all points from the first half will carry over with a maximum 18 and minimum (assuming no forfeits) of 6 points up for grabs – every team is mathematically back in with a chance of winning their respective halves.

Up first is the Tartan tournament with the chance to get a lot of game time in before the first games of the second half start next week.  As always fixtures and results will be available on the league page.