The Fockers were born in 2005 as an expansion team playing in the then newly formed division 2 under the auspices of the BT Bombers. Once most of the corporate players had left and been replaced, the team changed its name to the Fockers, purely for the ability to put funny names on the back of our shirts. The Fockers did well in division 2, winning at least once, before the leagues merged. In the current league, the Fockers have placed as high as second but typically sit mid table due to rotation of players. We have represented the league in the C Nationals in the last few years where we have not completely embarrassed ourselves. Our current core group of players have been around for a few years now and, barring injury (yeah Alan), we hope to make inroads into the lofty heights of the league.

Abeamus Futuens Eis

Team Colours: Red