2021 Outdoor – Week 1 Roundup

It’s that time of year when every team is tied and every player imagines that this year is the time their team will win it all. Sadly, this feeling only lasts up to the first results.

This is is what unfolded in week 1:

With new grounds and a newly imposed time restraint on games (no new innings at 20:15 and ballgame called at 20:20), three of the four games this week still made it into the 7th inning. This bodes well for the rest of the year as games should remain competitive across all 8 teams. There were many new faces to the league after the sterling work done by the team handling advertising, training and distribution. Even though we were down a team from previous years, every team has a full roster, making captaining less stressful if not any easier. Happily, too many players is a struggle we can all get behind…

Tuesday’s games were Saltires @ Honey Badgers and Rocks @ AJs (rec) with the Saltires and AJs (rec) both coming away with the win.

Thursday’s games were Fockers @ AJs (comp) and Highland Chargers @ Pimpin’ with AJs (comp) and Pimpin’ on the winning side of the score book.

This was a good week for the AJs, with both of their teams winning and they will be going into next week in a confident mood. At the outset, it looks like the Saltires, Pimpin’ and AJs (comp) may have the strongest teams, but it will be close: the Badgers have a lot of new players and are willing to improve, the Fockers are improving from last season, and the Chargers are always dangerous. We also can’t count out AJs (rec) and the Rocks, who have been training hard, and it shows. The only thing which is certain is that nothing is certain – which is why we need to play the games.  Week 2 here we come!