2021 Outdoor – Week 2 Roundup

Nights are getting shorter which means two things:  It’s lighter later and the midges are out.  At the old grounds, Diamond 2 was “fondly” referred as the Midge Diamond.  Looks like Diamond 1 on the new grounds is challenging for the title.  At least they weren’t biting on Tuesday’s night, preferring to masquerade as clouds instead…

This is is what unfolded in week 2:

It was week of two halves.  Tuesday’s games both ended via the run ahead rule, and Thursday produced our first complete 7 inning game within the new timed format.  It featured 4 teams looking to get their first win and 4 teams looking to avoid their first loss.  One team managed the first and 3 teams managed the second.

Tuesday’s games were AJs (rec) @ Fockers and Highland Chargers @ Saltires with the Saltires and Fockers both winning – for the Fockers, their first of the season.

Thursday’s games were Pimpin’ @ Honey Badgers and The Rocks @ AJs (comp) with Pimpin’ and AJs (comp) continuing their winning ways.

Things are starting to shake out for the league.  Next week is going to be interesting with a game between the Saltires and AJs (comp) on Thursday, meaning that one of the currently unbeaten teams won’t be.  The Honey Badgers, Rocks and the Highland Chargers will look to get their first win, with one guaranteed to achieve this as the Rocks play the Chargers on Thursday.  The Badgers face off against the Fockers in what will likely be a close game. All in all, things are starting to take shape.

UPDATE – Due to the COVID restrictions around travelling to and from Council areas which have different levels and with Glasgow remaining in level 3 while the surrounding areas drop to level, the scheduled week 3 games have been postponed till the 22nd and 24th of June respectively.  The next scheduled games are currently:

Tuesday – Rocks vs Saltires and AJs (rec) vs Honey Badgers
Thursday – AJs (comp) vs Highland Chargers and Fockers vs Pimpin’